Multiband LAA 4×4 MIMO Omni C-RAN/Small Cell Antenna – Model OQ-6002vx-W4U6-F6

Product Description

Model Number(s)O-6002v-C2A2-D4T (Top mount)
O-6002v-C2A2-D4S (Side mount)
Operating Frequency Band698-896 MHz | 1710-2155 MHz
TypeThin Omni

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range, MHz698-896 | 1710-2155 | 1710-2155 | 698-896
Gain, dBi2 | 2 | 2 | 2
Horizontal Beamwidth, degrees360
Vertical Beamwidth, degrees +/-175 | 75 | 75 | 75
VSWR, dB (less than)2.0:1
PIM, dBc (less than)-150
Input Power per Port, watts (max)200
Isolation, dB (greater than)12 | 25 | 25 | 25
Impedance, ohms50
Azimuth Ripple, +/- dB0.5

Mechanical Specifications

ConnectorDIN 7/16 x 2 or 4.3-10 x 2
MountingTop mount (Mounts over 2.0” OD post)
Side mount (Mounts to 1 3/4” – 3” OD post)
Dimensions60 inches x 2.0 inch O.D.
Weight (less than)10 lbs.
ColorWhite Standard (Color Options Available)
Wind Survival120 mph.
Lightning ProtectionDirect Ground

Note1: FCC Title 47 part 15 for fixed outdoor point to multi-point. EIRP should be less than 21dBm for all elevation angles 30 degree above Horizon. Note: Other fixed tilts are available.

* Quoted performance parameters are provided to offer typical, peak or range values only and may vary as a result of normal testing, manufacturing and operational conditions. Extreme operational conditions and/or stress on structural supports may result in damage to this product. Phazar may make improvements to products without notice.