Phazar Antenna Announces Volume Shipments of Six Port Antennas with Two Inch Diameter Radome

Phazar DAS Antenna in New York City

Phazar Antenna (“Phazar”), the wireless infrastructure antenna division of Antenna Products Corporation, announced today that it has delivered production volume shipments of its six port antennas that comply with the two inch diameter requirement imposed by aesthetically focused municipalities in the United States. These antennas combine PIM rated MIMO cellular frequency antennas with fully FCC Part 15 compliant MIMO 5 GHz antennas to offer true gigabit capabilities in a single extremely small form factor (the “Quad-4 /5”).

“In a response to the insatiable bandwidth demands of today’s mobile users, the major carrier and infrastructure customers are constantly asking us to produce antennas with greater frequency capabilities as well as spectral re-use options.” explains Rob Fitzgerald, President who continues “ Municipalities have recently become sensitive to the negative visual impact of increasingly dense deployments of nodes and antennas. Although we have produced small cell and DAS antennas with as many as 14 ports in a single unit, we believe that the Quad-4/5 is the perfect blend between high capacity performance and virtually invisible form factor.”

Phazar Antenna currently has over 7,000 outdoor cellular antennas in use in trend-setting cities such as New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Chicago. Phazar antennas are also used to provide reliable cellular data coverage in such notable locations such as Disneyland, Disney World and Martha’s Vineyard.

About Phazar Antennas:

Phazar Antennas offers a complete line of oDAS and Small Cell antenna solutions built to meet the needs of wireless service providers for the purpose of increasing network data capacity and speed via densification. Phazar’s unique competitive edge is its ability to produce robust multi-band antennas that are aesthetically pleasing and desired by both the wireless operators and the municipalities in which they deploy. Phazar is currently being utilized by every major U. S. wireless carrier, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. For more information about us, please contact:

Phil Park
VP, Sales

Phil Park : (940) 325-3301
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About Antenna Products:

For half a century, longer than virtually any active antenna manufacturer, Antenna Products has been designing and manufacturing antennas and antenna systems. With decades of real world experience and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing, we regularly supply high quality antennas for mission critical applications. Our antennas cover the RF spectrum, from kilohertz to gigahertz and support countless mission critical military, air/sea navigation, ILS and voice/data communications applications including High Frequency (HF) antennas, Distributed Antenna System (DAS)/Small Cell antennas, RFID/Electronic Toll antennas, Ground-to-Air antennas, Intelligent Transportation antennas and Instrument Landing System (ILS) antennas. Our Phazar antenna division is rapidly leading innovation in the small cell and DAS antenna market For more information about us, please visit: