Phazar Announces Opening of New oDAS and Small Cell Design and Manufacturing Facility

Phazar Small Cell and oDAS Manufacturing

Phazar Antenna (“Phazar”), the wireless infrastructure antenna division of Antenna Products Corporation (“Antenna Products”), announced today that it has opened a new design and manufacturing facility in Mineral Wells, Texas. For years, Phazar has operated out of the same facilities as Antenna Products, but due to overwhelming demand for Phazar’s industry leading oDAS and Small Cell densification antennas, it has outgrown its existing space on the Antenna Products’ campus.

Phazar’s new facility consists of 61,000 square feet of office, manufacturing and warehouse space located on approximately 7 fenced acres at the Mineral Wells Regional Airport. Located just a few miles from Antenna Products’ main campus, the new Phazar facility will enhance efficiencies by sharing resources with Antenna Products, including its 100,000 square foot production and warehousing facility and recently upgraded 50-acre test range.

Management estimates that these expanded facilities will allow Phazar to increase production of its outdoor Small Cell and DAS antennas by as much as 10x current production levels as demand continues to increase. As well, US-based manufacturing allows Phazar to provide major wireless carriers greater value and flexibility in the form of improved deliveries, customized mounting hardware, and custom factory painting on a per-antenna basis.

“Phazar Antenna is our fastest growing segment by far,” explains Robert Fitzgerald, President of Antenna Products. “We’ve been able to gain market share with major wireless carriers through innovative design inspired by our customers’ real world requirements. The best example of this is Phazar’s significant involvement in several new high-profile 5G densification roll-outs across the United States.”

Fitzgerald continues, “Our customers are moving quickly to provide and upgrade densification infrastructure in major urban areas throughout the United States, and we need to make sure that we’re moving even faster. This new facility enables us to accomplish that.”

Phazar currently has over 5,000 outdoor cellular antennas in use in New York City alone, as well as in other urban areas such as Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Chicago. Phazar antennas are also used to provide reliable cellular data coverage in such notable locations such as Disneyland, Disney World and Martha’s Vineyard.


About Phazar Antenna:

Phazar Antenna offers a complete line of oDAS and Small Cell antenna solutions built to meet the needs of wireless service providers for the purpose of increasing network data capacity and speed via densification. Phazar is currently being utilized by every major wireless carrier in the industry, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. For more information about us, please contact:


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